Driv’in Belle-Île has a selection of retro motorbikes.

Vintage collection

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… for a retro look
during your walks on Belle-Île,
with our range of motorcycles
powerful and handy.

Archive 125 cc Scrambler

Moto Archive - Motorcycle Scrambler


Conditions up to 125cc
To drive a 125cc bike, you need to provide us with your 125cc or motorcycle licence (category A/A2).
If you are the holder of a car licence (category B), you can present your 125cc training certificate (7 hours of training from a driving school).

Conditions over 125cc
For all engines over 125cc, a motorcycle licence (category A/A2) is required.

Safety equipment for motorbike
It is mandatory to wear the helmet and gloves provided with all our rentals. All our scooters and motorbikes are registered.

With Driv’in Belle-Île, ride safely with equipment that combines both style and comfort!

Six different helmet sizes are available along with gloves to ensure that all riders travel in total safety.

Helmets and gloves, which are provided with all our motorbikes and scooters without surcharge, must be worn at all times for your own safety.

Driver and passenger must be present at the agency for fitting.  

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